3rd meeting elbow soft tissue reconstruction and arthroplasty

73 Immagine5 - 6 settembre 2011


Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli

Sala Vasari

After the 2007 Meeting on Elbow Artrhroscopy and the 2009
Meeting on Elbow Osteosynthesis and Radial head prosthesis, the third
Rizzoli Elbow Course will complete the program, dealing with Elbow
Arthroplasty and Soft tissue management.
Like in the former editions, one international leading expert in elbow
surgery, this time dr. Graham King, will share his experience with the
public. Aim of the Course is providing a direct contact between elbow
specialists and surgeons willing to improve their knowledge and skill
through room presentations, live and re-live surgery and open discussions.
The cycle of three elbow meetings will start again in 2013.

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